Thank you for your interest in the DFS Data Warehousing Tool, (an add on for the DFS/IRESS application). The DFS Data Warehousing Tool's primary function is to allow anyone with access to DFS/IRESS to maintain their own accurate historical Database of financial information. This database may then be used to provide the end user with a tool capable of reviewing this information over any given timeframe for analylitical purposes.

Maintainable data comprises of:

Sector membership
Liquidity factors
Exchange rates
Interest rates

The DFS Data Warehousing Tool automatically downloads, processes and stores the data locally in an SQL database. If for some reason a trading day or days are missed the built in Smart Recovery feature will retrieve any missing data the next time it is run.

Other features include automatic logging, configurable settings and complete customisation of downloads.

Who should be interested in the Data Warehousing tool, and why?

Fund managers, Research departments, corporate and private traders who are constantly looking for an advantage in their ability to back test their financial data accurately and simply will find the DFS Data Warehousing Tool a powerful addition to their financial armoury.

System requirements:

500MHz PC compatible processor or higher
128 MB Ram or higher
Subscription to DFS IRESS
Any SQL Server
NB: The recommended specifications are based on the DFS system requirements for the IRESS application.


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