Plug in for DFS IRESS. Release date 07/05/2001

The purpose of the DFS Data Warehousing Tool is to download new and updated data from DFS IRESS and store this information in a database. Here it can be used for historical analysis.

The data warehoused by this application includes Equities, Currencies, Sectors, Sector Memberships, Options, Dilutions, Exchange and Interest Rate Information.

Web based timesheet management system. Release date 15/06/2001

Timesheet management, Task and project reporting and auditing in a web based package. This powerful tool allows for complete resource management and and billing with the ability to export data to MYOB or similar.

http Control. Version 1.0 Release date 01/06/2001

Need to be able access the World Wide Web in your applications? The Stimulus Solutions HTTP ActiveX control is an implementation of the HTTP protocol, designed for Visual Basic developers. The control wraps the complexity of the protocol, whilst providing a powerful programming interface.

Whether you are an experienced Internet programmer, an intermediate VB programmer, or just a beginner, you will find this control so simple to use! Utilising features such as enumerated values, context sensitive help, and easy to understand methods, you can create full featured, web accessible applications in minutes.


  • New, user friendly object model
  • Robust objects - Enumerated values
  • Better memory management
  • Improved support for proxy servers
  • Compliant with HTTP/1.1 specifications (rfc 2068)
  • HTML Help

Web based network topography tool. Release date 15/05/2001

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